Think About During a Move…

Jan 18

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You may be thinking a move from similar houses is going to be easy – the rooms are the same size and you’re just down the road! But there are a few complications you may run into and some things you should consider during a move if you’ve been thinking about them at all. Here are our tips:
Bring On More: If you’ve been considering, say, a home security system, moving is the time to look into it more. Visit sites like before you move so the transition will be easier.
Think About Districts: Unless you’re in the same neighborhood you may be facing unexpected changes. Your mail schedule, your school system and possibly even your voting district may be different so look into it now before it’s too late to make changes.
Downsizing: Now is the time to purge if you’re going to do it and even if your new house is similar you can get new stuff if you get rid of old! Moving is a great time to take some clothes to Goodwill or get all new kitchenware – just decide before you pack.

Relying on Referrals to Find New Services

Feb 4

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When you are looking to make a move, whether it is long or short distance, and whether it is commercial or residential, taking the time to get referrals, and find the best moving company, is going to ensure that the move goes smoothly, gets done properly, and that you are not going to be doing any work at all. When you find the right movers, they are going to have the experience and the best movers in the staff, to do the job right when you are making a move. So, not only will they be careful with your belongings, they are also going to do the job quickly and professionally, and they are going to ensure that the move gets done safely, and the more reliable companies are even going to offer you the option to buy insurance on the move. This will leave you feeling more secure that your belongings are safe, and that the movers will do the job carefully. So, before you do choose a mover for the job, taking the time to get referrals, is going to ensure that you will end up with the best movers, and those that are the most affordable as well.

No-Hassle Tips for Switching Your Utilities

Jan 20

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Moving can sometimes make a person feel frazzled. You may feel as if you have too many things to do and not enough time to get them done. The best thing that you can do at a time like this is to take a deep breath and do one moving task at a time until you accomplish them all. One important thing that you really need to think about when moving is getting your utilities changed to your new residence.

Switching utilities can be very simple, especially, if you have the Read the rest of this entry »

Advice for Changing Your Address Easily and Quickly

Jan 8

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When you are making a move, and you need to change your address, so that you get your mail as quickly as possible after you make the move, you are going to want to do so online. Today, you are able to request a change of address online, rather than having to go in to the post office, and wait two weeks for the change to be made. When you visit the usps site, you are directly going to be able to change the old to the new address, and you will be able to do so in minutes. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Pack Delicate Items: Preventing Breaks and Leaks

Aug 16

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It is time for the big move and you have a lot of packing to do. You need to make sure that you protect your most delicate items and prevent any breaks or leaks during the move. The best way to protect your smaller breakable items is to wrap them in a commercial bubble wrap that you can purchase at most stores. You can also take the time to wrap them in towels or any other material Read the rest of this entry »

Packing Without Losing Your Mind (Or Belongings!)

Aug 12

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It is relocation time and you have a lot of things to pack and move. When you are in the process of moving, time is sometimes your greatest enemy so you need to have a plan of attack. The first thing that you need to do is find or buy a whole bunch of boxes. If you can get the same size boxes than you will make your life easier when it comes to packing them up to move. You need to make sure that you have all of your valuables safe Read the rest of this entry »

Staying Organized While Packing: Five Tips

Aug 11

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1. When preparing to move, it’s a good idea to book the date with a moving service, or reserve a moving truck ahead of time so that it will be available when you are ready for it.

2. Have utilities switched ahead of time, don’t forget cable and trash pick-up.

3. Make sure to have your mail changed to the new address through your local post office.

4. When you begin packing make sure to mark on each of the boxes what the contents are, you may want to know where your coffee pot, pet food, toilet paper, soap, toiletries and Read the rest of this entry »

Packing to Perfection: Protecting Your Valuables

Aug 9

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Packing to Perfection will take a little pre-planning on your part. A suitcase is bulky, but offers advantages. Folding and wrinkling can be kept at a minimum.
If you have to live out of your suitcase while on vacation, it-s to your benefit to keep your coordinated outfits together. For example: Shorts, shirts, underthings, and socks. This will prevent sorting through the whole suitcase to get a shirt from one pile, shorts from another, and underthings from another. This method also saves repacking.
Many of you have your own system which might include Read the rest of this entry »

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